top 10 extension to boost vs code performance and coding

top 10 extension to boost vs code performance and coding

# The Best 10 Extensions for Enhancing Performance and Coding in VS Code

VS Code, a widely used code editor, offers a plethora of extensions to improve your coding journey. Here are the best 10 extensions that can enhance your coding speed and performance in VS Code.

1. Prettier - Code Formatter

Prettier is a code formatter with strong opinions. It supports various languages and ensures a uniform style by parsing and reprinting your code according to its rules.

2. ESLint

ESLint is a customizable linting tool for JavaScript and JSX. It assists you in identifying and rectifying issues in your JavaScript code.

3. GitLens

GitLens enhances the built-in Git capabilities of VS Code. It allows you to quickly see code authorship through Git blame annotations and code lens.

4. Live Share

VS Live Share allows you to edit and debug collaboratively with others in real-time, irrespective of the programming languages used or the type of applications being developed.

5. Python

The Python extension offers comprehensive support for Python in VS Code, including features like IntelliSense, linting, debugging, and more.

6. Docker

The Docker extension simplifies the process of building applications that use Docker containers. It adds syntax highlighting, commands, and a Docker explorer to VS Code.

7. IntelliCode

VS IntelliCode offers AI-assisted development features for Python, TypeScript/JavaScript, and other languages, providing insights based on your code context.

8. Bracket Pair Colorizer

This extension color-codes matching brackets. Users can specify which characters to match and the colors to use.

9. Path Intellisense

This VS Code plugin autocompletes filenames, saving you time.

10. Markdown All in One

Everything you need for Markdown (keyboard shortcuts, table of contents, auto preview, and more).


In conclusion, Visual Studio Code, with its vast array of extensions, provides an enhanced coding experience. The top 10 extensions listed in this blog post, including Prettier, ESLint, GitLens, Live Share, Python, Docker, IntelliCode, Bracket Pair Colorizer, Path Intellisense, and Markdown All in One, can significantly boost your coding performance and efficiency. However, the choice of extensions largely depends on your personal preferences, programming languages, and workflow. By choosing the right tools, you can supercharge your coding workflow and enjoy a more productive and enjoyable coding experience.