Common Questions about Apple vision Pro

Here are some more details about Apple Vision Pro:
Common Questions about Apple vision Pro

**What can Apple Vison Pro do? **

Apple Vision Pro can display 3D objects in your current space or transport you to new spaces. However, Apple has not mentioned the terms AR or VR, and some say it is not an AR or VR device or technology.

What are the features of Apple Vision Pro?

Here are some more details about Apple Vision Pro: It has a single piece of three-dimensionally formed laminated glass that acts as a lens for the cameras and sensors. It has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that wraps around your face. It has a light seal that keeps stray light from your eyes. It weighs 1.3 pounds without a battery. It costs $3499. 

What does Apple Vision Pro do?

The goal is for the Vision Pro to be a complete device that can sit right alongside the Mac and the iPad in Apple’s ecosystem of devices and let you get real work done. You can use Excel and Webex and Slack in the Vision Pro, and you can also sit back and watch movies and TV shows on a gigantic virtual 4K HDR display.

What is the future use of Apple Vision Pro? Apple, which is poised to launch its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset on Feb. 2, is already envisioning future workplace applications for the device, including using it for surgery, aircraft repair and teaching students.

Is Vision Pro worth it? The passthrough video camera quality of this headset is good — really, really good. Not as good as my own vision, but good enough that I could see the room well, see people in it with me, see my watch notifications easily on my wrist.

How expensive is Apple Vision Pro? $3,499 The most affordable model runs $3,499 while a higher-powered version reaches nearly $4,000. The high price owes to costs associated with production of the Vision Pro, as well as an initial focus on reaching professionals such as developers who could enhance the product with additional apps, analysts said.