Boost Your VS Code Productivity with These Must Have Extensions

Boost Your VS Code Productivity with These Must Have Extensions

# Boost Your VS Code Productivity with These Must Have Extensions

Visual Studio Code is loved by developers for its flexibility and extensibility. With the right extensions, you can customize VS Code to fit your exact workflow and coding needs. In this post, we’ll look at 10 of the most useful VS Code extensions that can help make you more productive. Whether you work with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS or Python, there are extensions here to help speed up your development.

Optimize Code Quality withESLintPrettier and EditorConfig

Maintaining a consistent code style across projects is challenging, especially when working in teams. Fortunately, ESLint, Prettier and EditorConfig help automate code formatting and linting. ESLint analyzes your code for potential errors and fixes problems related to code quality. Prettier then formats the code according to your configured style rules. Lastly, EditorConfig sets up project-level formatting rules that your team can agree on. Together, these extensions enforce consistent code style and quality automatically - saving you time and headaches.

Refactor Code Faster witVisual Studio IntelliCode

IntelliCode utilizes AI assistance to provide intelligent code completions and suggestions in VS Code. As you type, it will infer the most relevant methods and properties for the current context based on your code and its type information. This speeds up development tremendously when working with JavaScript and TypeScript. IntelliCode can even suggest entire lines of code to call APIs or access objects accurately. The AI assistance pays off in boosting your productivity.

Catch Typos Early UsinCode Spell Checker

Small typos in code comments, strings or function names can be frustrating to locate and fix. The Code Spell Checker extension identifies these spelling mistakes as you type and suggests corrections. You can also add custom words and abbreviations specific to your project - ensuring team consistency. Stop repeated typos and spelling inconsistencies wasting your time during development.

Rename Files Intelligently witGit Rename

When refactoring code, renaming files properly so Git tracks the changes correctly can be a hassle. The Git Rename extension takes the pain out of this by handling all the Git commands needed when renaming files. No more deleting and re-adding files to change case or naming. Git Rename enables seamless file renaming and moving across folders within your Git repository.

Never Forget to Close HTML Tags witAuto Rename Tag

When editing HTML files with many nested elements, it’s easy to miss closing tags. The Auto Rename Tag extension is a simple but mighty helper that automatically renames matching opening and closing tags as you make edits. No more hunting through code to fix mismatched tags. Auto Rename Tag ensures your HTML stays clean and valid with minimal effort.

Write Better Code witVisual Studio IntelliSense

IntelliSense provides intelligent code completions, signature info and quick info tooltips as you type in the editor. This context-aware assistance helps you write code faster with fewer errors. IntelliSense works for JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, HTML, CSS and more. The productivity boost it provides allows you to focus on programming rather than memorizing APIs.

Simplify Imports witImport Cost

For large JavaScript and TypeScript projects, managing imports and minimizing bundle size is important. The Import Cost extension displays the filesize cost of each import in your code. With this insightful visualization of import costs, you can better optimize your imports for size. Every byte counts, especially for mobile apps and web performance.

Configure Project Code Style witPrettier ESLint

Consistent code style is critical when collaborating on projects with teams. Prettier formats your code according to opinionated rules, while ESLint lints code for errors and anti-patterns. Configuring them together with .prettierrc, .eslintrc and other config files allows enforcing consistent style for your project. Automated formatting and linting saves lots of team arguments!

Quickly Fix Annoying TypeScript Errors witPretty Typescript Errors

TypeScript’s compile-time checks help catch bugs but can generate long confusing errors. The extension Pretty Typescript Errors improves these messages to be more clear and actionable for developers. No more head-scratching deciphering inscrutable TypeScript errors. Quickly glean what needs fixing from the readable errors and get back to coding faster.


These powerful VS Code extensions help accelerate development workflows for front-end and back-end developers alike. Less time spent on mundane formatting, bug-hunting and refactoring means more time programming productively. Try out these 10 extensions today to enhance your VS Code setup.