Lessons learned from building a robot

That’s a lot of LEGO pieces

As part of my informatics degree, I took a class which main goal was to develop a robot. It was up to each team to decide what problem they wanted to tackle, but the robot had to assist humans in some way.

For the past few months, collaborating with 6 other students, I developed a prototype of a robot that assists warehouse workers in efficiently stacking boxes on pallets in preparation for shipping.

Boxes are often stacked on pallets before they are transported to a different warehouse

In just a few months my team developed a very complex robotic system. Completing this project would be impossible without good communication and co-operation of everyone on the team.

It was an amazing opportunity to improve my soft-skills and I would like to share some of the most important things I learned from this experience.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself

I challenged myself to be more confident in my abilities and to stand up for my ideas more than I used to.

I always explained the advantages of my solution and made sure that everyone understood my suggestion. Many of my ideas, initially misunderstood, were accepted and used in the final product. I contributed to the project much more than I would have if I had avoided confrontation.

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Don’t be afraid to repeat, reiterate, and restate your point — it’s entirely possible that other simply didn’t understand your point.

Written on April 16, 2018